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Q: Why should I use
A: We offer top dollar for any item that is presented to us. We are able to go to the market and negotiate a much higher price than a local jeweler, cutting out the middleman and passing the savings to you.

We understand that your jewelry might have sentimental value that is why we have established a reputation of paying the highest prices possible. We also understand the need for immediate cash so we have developed a service that will turn your valuables in to cash in less than 24 hours.

DiamondsQ: Can you call me prior to sending out the payment?
A: Yes. Please provide us with the best telephone number to contact you and we will call you to discuss our appraisal and offer before sending you a check.

Q: What if I'm not satisfied with the amount you offer?
A: If for any reason you are not satisfied with our appraisal/offer for your material, we will gladly return your material promptly and insured free of charge.

Q: Do our carriers insure shipments against loss?
A: Yes, our customers are protected with our carriers for up to $500.00. If you feel that you need more insurance, please mention it to our representatives so that we can make proper arrangements and additional insurance.

Q: What happens if my shipment gets damaged, lost or delayed?
A: Most packages arrive safely and on time. In rare cases packages tend to get damaged, delayed or even lost while in transit. If shipping valuables over $500, Our Customers are encouraged to use U.S. Postal Service registered and insured. Please note that will not be responsible or liable for any packages damaged, lost or delayed while in transit to our facility.

Q: How much will I receive for my items enclosed?
A: This depends on carat percentage, weight, and the market price at the time. Each shipment is different depending on contents. We use a sliding scale of payment based on the amount of weight and the nature of the material. Being that the overall process is the same whether we receive a single broken ring or a lot of charms and chains we would need to apply a sliding scale method of payment which is based on mostly the weight and carat percentage. The more the overall amount, the higher the payment.

Q: How quickly can I expect payment?
A: We use a reputable overnight carriers that will be at your doorstep after you contacting our office. Your package usually arrives the following business day, where it gets processed and a payment gets issued. For dollar amounts over $2,500.00, we arrange same day wiring in to your account.

Q: How do I know when you received my item(s)?
A: Our carrier will leave you a tracking receipt. You can either call their toll free number or log in and follow their instructions to find out the status of your shipment.

Gem StonesQ: What kind of gold or jewelry will you buy?
A: We accept ALL items sent to us and guarantee to have your check sent to you within 24 hours. For some examples of gold and jewelry we have received, please visit our What We Buy page.

Q: Is the gold package free?
A: Yes! Shipping is also pre-paid if you do decide to send us your gold or jewelry.

Q: I have a piece of gold but I'm not sure its authentic. Can I still receive money for this?
A: has a team to determine the value of gold and jewelry sent to us. We ask that you please do not send us items that you are certain are not authentic.

Q: Is the gold package insured in case it gets lost/damaged by the postal service?
A: As found in our Terms and Conditions, we insure each of our gold packages in case of lost items. The maximum value of the insurance is $500 US.


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